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DOCS Hospitalist Program

The program is comprised of a group of board certified physicians, and licensed Nurse Practitioners dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective, and evidence based medical care to the patient in the acute setting. They will collaborate and communicate care with all physicians and healthcare personnel throughout the patient stay. The Hospitalist Program providers will also have mobile access to the Guardian system enabling them to provide highly effective care and appropriate utilization when creating medical treatment plans. The hospitalist will have a sharp focus on the reduction of readmissions, reduction of average time to discharge, increased efficiency in the ER, improving the patient experience and outcomes of the hospitalized patient.

As our Hospitalist Program evolves, efforts will be placed on integrating our Guardian Care Managers into the transition process. Guardian Care Managers will effectively serve as ambassadors to the patient, educating and informing the patient on what to expect and what actions to take post discharge for their own health and well­being. In addition, these Care Managers will work with the Hospitalist Program providers and serve as an important element in ensuring coordination and integration of care between patients and their primary and specialist providers. This level of coordination and integration will represent a true departure from the current insidious trend toward steerage of discharged patients away from their primary care providers (and their specialist) to providers who have not established a relationship with the patient, and have limited knowledge of their clinical profile and unique clinical needs. Our hospitalists are board certified in internal medicine and family medicine and are experts in getting things done in the hospital environment.


The Hospitalist is a collective gathering of group of doctors and propelled nurture experts whose concentration is tending to patients in long haul mind settings. In particular, we give post-intense care offices with hospitalists that have practical experience in the care of post-intense patients. Our experts and professionals look after patients in nursing homes, talented nursing, recovery and other long haul mind offices as opposed to notwithstanding work in their practices and clinic rounds.


DOCSACO a wide assortment of restorative administrations to coordinate the specific needs of each ACO, doctor’s facility and incorporated wellbeing framework we collaborate with. Our on location clinician administrations enhance persistent care and decrease doctor’s facility readmission rates, superfluous crisis room visits and general social insurance spending. Through general, nearby, available time our particular clinicians can give a patient-focused, coordinated care approach that guarantees the most astounding nature of patient care in the business.
Since our hospitalists work only on location, and represent considerable authority in the care of patients in long haul mind settings, there’s not any more sitting tight for a doctor to give back a call toward the end of a bustling day of practice work or to pay a month to month site visit to address patients’ wellbeing concerns. There’s even less purpose behind office staff to get an emergency vehicle out of sympathy toward the patient while they’re holding up.


Customary, on location available time

Communication with family members

High-risk care coordination

Continual updates to Care Plans

24/7 on-call services

Lower overall health care costs













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